Tractor Seat Stool

Walnut tractor seat stool Curly maple tractor seat stool

Richard Bissell Fine Woodworking
of Putney, VT

The seat shape of this stool is modeled after the old cast iron tractor seats that, despite being made of a very hard material, were so well designed that a farmer could comfortably sit in one all day. My stool seats are carved out of a 3 1/2″ thick cherry blank and are as comfortable to sit in as they are beautiful to look at. This stool is, without a doubt, the most commented on piece of furniture in my showroom. It is almost impossible to pass by it without admiring the beautiful grain patterns created by the unusually deeply carved seat and trying the seat out for comfort. The 18″ height is standard chair height suitable for 30″ tables. The 25″ height is suitable for 36″ high counters. The 31″ height is for 42″ counters.

Available in a variety of woods including cherry, maple, oak, walnut and curly maple. For more information about my tractor seat stools or other handmade kitchen counter stools visit my Shaker furniture website.

Price: $665-$950 depending on height and wood choice
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