Plum Pudding Pie Crust Tea Table

Pete E. Michelinie Fine Furniture
of South Pomfret

The entire table was made from one 8/4 board of plum pudding mahogany.  The top was book matched and turned to create the outer lip.  The pie crust edge was then hand carved with chisels and gouges.

A brace on the underside keeps the top flat and allows it to flip up 90° when not in use.  It also presents the beautiful figure quite nicely while against a wall or in a corner.

A quatrefoil was carved into the upper half of the column.  This is a detail I had admired on an English flip-top table and decided to incorporate into this piece.

The feet begin with a level bead, followed by a hard ridge line at the toe which terminates into a soft round at a calf-high “sock” detail.

The Pie Crust Tip Top Tea Table is made of Plum Pudding Mahogany. The inspiration for this piece came from two places- one was the determination to use a beautiful piece of lumber my dad had given me in a righteous way.  The other was to overcome the intimidation I had felt towards carving a pie crust top.  It is finished with a dozen coats of waterlox varnish, leveled and rubbed down with rottenstone, then a final coat of shellac and paste wax.

Dimensions: 22 5/8" Dia. x 27" Tall

Price: $5,650

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