Pilgrim Century Blanket Chest

Pete E. Michelinie Fine Furniture
of South Pomfret

The panels and drawer front are entirely hand carved. No machines used here. The panel design is based on an early American blanket chest. The drawer front is an original design. The solid oak drawer features hand-cut houndstooth dovetails. It is adorned with two turned rosewood knobs polished to a high gloss using carnauba wax. Each rail, post and stile is joined using a traditional and difficult scarfed shoulder technique. This accentuates the bead and cove found on these parts. A wooden peg is then driven through the mortise and tenon to create a more secure joint.

Made of quarter-sawn White Oak with Aromatic Cedar drawer and case bottoms. The chest was exposed to strong ammonia fumes in order to give it a rich brown color. Twelve coats of hand rubbed linseed oil were applied as a top coat.

Dimensions: 45 3/4" W x 29 3/4" T x 17 1/2" D

Price: $6,035

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