Nanashi Cabinet

Chris Ericson Handmade Wood Furniture
of South Newfane, VT

This cabinet was a real pleasure to build!  I made it for a show and could do whatever I wanted, so I re-explored some themes that excited me in the past.  I had some wonderful walnut from a friend’s childhood property and a bit of highly figured hard maple from an ancient “street tree”.

To adjust proportions I would use mock-up strips of wood laid out on my floor and adjust it bit by bit until it was right.  It’s still amazing to me that a half inch can make such a difference. To create the “crispness” of the piece my hand planes, chisels, and V-gouge had to be sharp enough to shave with(a “bald hand month”).

Dimensions: 41h x 27w x 13d

Price: $2500(sale price)

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