Morel Round Dining Table

Pete E. Michelinie Fine Furniture
of South Pomfret

The four legs are shaped in multiple dimensions starting with a full round at the knee and transitioning into an arris at the toe.

The top is easily removed from the base by pulling out four wooden pins from the top’s sub structure. The entire piece is joined using time tested joinery; sliding dovetails for the legs, mortise and tenon on the sub structure, and a double wedged tenon on the top of the column.

Made of Peruvian Mahogany. The Morel Round Table was built to seat between 7 and 9 people.  It was a joint effort between myself and my shopmate/father in-law Josh Metcalf. The top was made from a single board carefully cut into three pieces and glued together.  It is finished with Linseed oil, Waterlox varnish and wax.

Dimensions: 70" Dia x 29" T

Price: $9,800

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