Modern Classic Rectangular Dining Table

ShackletonThomas Handmade Furniture & Pottery
of Bridgewater, VT

  • This style of table, where the legs are the same width as the thickness of the top, is known also as a “parsons” table, after a table designed by Jean-Michel Frank and his students at the Parsons school of design in Paris in the 1930’s. Somewhat confusingly, similar tables have been designed by Mies Van der Rohe and other Bauhaus designers earlier in the century. Despite its stark design origins, Charles Shackleton has adapted this design by including a very minimal but complementary fluted decoration to create a desk that is more human in these days of manufactured perfection.
  • Plain square edge with reveal
  • Fluted panel on aprons
  • Shown here in walnut

Dimensions: SMALL- 30" W. 50" L. 30" H. or MEDIUM- 38" W. 72" L. 29 3/4" H.

Price: Starting at $4,900

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