Hochman Danish Modern Extending Dining Table

Hochman Extending Dining Table

Hochman Danish Modern Extending Dining Table Hochman Danish Modern Extending Dining Table

Pete E. Michelinie Fine Furniture
of South Pomfret

The Hochman Table was inspired by a table designed by the mid-century Danish modern design firm, Hvidt & Mølgaard.  There are very few sharp lines on this piece.  The table top is slimmed with a beveled underside and rounded to ease the edge.

The shop-made brass hardware holds the “V” shape of each leg in place, creating a stable and sturdy table. Thick leather pads are inlaid into the outside four corners of the table to keep it balanced, and facilitate the opening and closing of the two halves.

The rounded corners of the base make for tricky joinery and nice lines.  The shoulders of the cross pieces are curved to match the rounded edge of the uprights.  Floating solid wood tenons are used to create a strong joint.

Made of American Black Cherry throughout.  The leg assembly’s all came from one 8/4 board, while the top is made of beautiful 12″ wide boards.  The real grace in Danish modern furniture comes from the negative space created by the soft curves and shapes of the leg pieces.

The table extends from 6′ to 10′ with the use of four 1′ wide leaves.  It can comfortable seat anywhere from six to twelve people.

This table was a joint effort between my shop mate Josh Metcalf and myself.  We designed the piece together, while I built the bases and fabricated the brass hardware.  Josh built the table top and applied the finish.  It is finished with Danish oil, multiple coats of Waterlox varnish, and buffed with paste wax.

*Please note- the photographs of this table were taken a day after it was finished.  Cherry darkens over the course of a year or so to a reddish/dark brown.  It is much more pale when freshly made.

Dimensions: 6' L (closed), 10' L (with all four leaves in place) x 45" W x 28 3/4" T

Price: $9,600 as shown

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