The Good Friends Settee

Pete E. Michelinie Fine Furniture
of South Pomfret

The grace of a Windsor settee comes from the many interesting angles of the joints. Notice how the back spindles fan from being vertical in the center to matching the outward tilt of the last turned upright.

Different properties of different woods are utilized in the construction of the Good Friends Settee; Ash on the arms and rear spindles for its bendability and straight grain, Maple on the turnings for its superior turning qualities, and Pine on the seat for it’s ability to be carved cleanly.

The turnings on the settee are an original design I had used previously on my letter desk.  I stretched and altered that design slightly to suit the proportions here.

Made of Pine, Maple and Ash cut from my home.  These settees were made for some really good friends, intended as hallway benches where one might tie a shoe.  I experimented a bit with color and using various colors of milk paint and coats of shellac in between and arrived at two colors I call Red Coral and Blue Stone.  The top coat is a water resistant varnish and paste wax.

Dimensions: 46" L x 28" T x 20" D

Price: $3,700

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