Federal Dining Table

Pete E. Michelinie Fine Furniture
of South Pomfret

Each leg is joined to the column with a curved shoulder sliding dovetail. The curved shoulder leaves more wood on the column and makes for a more durable, long lasting joint. The columns are lined vertically with hand carved reeds that meet at each end with a set of turned beads in the style of the famous cabinet maker Thomas Seymour. Along the perimeter of the top runs a wide band of Satinwood inlay set flush to the surface. On either side lay strings of Holly and Black Costello. The top edge is molded with a 60 degree curve flanked by fillets. The tapered and reeded Saber leg terminates with a fitted brass toe cap. This adds protection to a rather delicate area of the table.

Made of South American Mahogany (each top piece is solid and 28″ wide) and inlaid with quarter-sawn Satinwood, Holly, Black Costello and brass. There are two additional leaves not shown in the photograph, each 14″ wide. The table comfortably seats eight with both leaves in place. It is finished with linseed oil, shellac, varnish and wax.

Photos of the table in the making…

Dimensions: 7' W (2 leaves) 5' 10" (1 leaf) 4' 8" (no leaves, photo) x 29 3/4" T x 17 1/2" D

Price: $10,960

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