Edward's Dresser in Black Walnut

Edward’s Dresser

Pete E. Michelinie Fine Furniture
of South Pomfret

The top of the dresser has a unique roundover with a slight cove on the topside.  It is followed with a cove and bead which adds body to the top and draws the eye towards the rest of the dresser.

Basket weave ring pulls were used on the top line of drawers.  A lot of time was spent on the layout of the grain lines of the piece- as seen here with the centered bullseye of the middle top drawer.

The drawer sides are made of quartersawn white oak which was grown nearby in New Hampshire. The rest of the piece is made from even more local butternut from next door in West Hartford, VT.

The case terminates with a sweeping French foot.  One of the tricky and interesting aspects of the piece is the angled front corners, which are followed through from the top down to the feet.

Made of Black Walnut, White Oak, Butternut, and brass.  This piece was part of a bedroom set whose design was inspired by one of my favorite furniture designers, Edward Barnsley.  The subtle curve of the drawer fronts adds a mountain of complexity to this refined piece.  It is finished with  linseed oil, shellac and wax.

Dimensions: 61" W x 38" T x 20" D

Price: $16,000

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