Petite & English_Crotch 74_Virginia Walnut

Crotch 74 in Virginia Walnut

Petite & English_Crotch 74_Virginia Walnut Petite & English_Crotch 74_Virginia Walnut

Petite & English
of Bridgewater

Function has always been a driving force in the objects we make. Rarely are pieces made for beauty alone, but there are occasional exceptions. This particular off-cut was oddly shaped and still had the original saw kerf marks from the milling back in the 80s. It didn’t have enough meat to be turned into a bowl, but it did have a pleasing shape that yearned for a life of its own.

Nick hand-planed the face to reveal the incredible figure of the grain. Written on the side of the board in faded type was “Crotch 74.” No idea what that means, but it sounded good to us! So here she is.

Made in Walnut we sourced from the Braehead House in Louisa County, Virginia.

Dimensions: 8” x 5” x 14”

Price: $500

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