Carved Heirloom Box

Pete E. Michelinie Fine Furniture
of South Pomfret

The box is made up of wide oak boards dovetailed together. It is uncommon to come across such wide quarter-sawn boards. The front drawers are carved in the early American Pilgrim style. A delicate mother of pearl heart is inlaid into the center. The drawers rest on runners set into the case sides. They act as stops for the drawers so they all close flush.

The Carved Heirloom Box is made of Quarter-Sawn White Oak and Brass. It is finished with ammonia fumes, boiled linseed oil and a hot wax application. A perfect place for keepsakes, jewelry, and heirlooms.

Dimensions: 21" W x 7 3/4 " T x 11 1/4 " D

Price: $2,700

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