Buxton Writing Desk

Pete E. Michelinie Fine Furniture
of South Pomfret

The top and apron are both detailed with a half round molding.  This piece was designed by the client to compliment his Jefferson Lap Desk. Its proportions follow the golden ratio, a common proportion found all throughout the natural world.

The entire piece contains no metal hardware. The top has a cove molding attached to its underside which acts as a hinge against the rounded inside edge of the apron. The inside of the leg has steps carved out to give the top slant multiple adjustments from flat to a 30* angle.

The toes are capped with rosewood and lined with boxwood stringing to match the same design element on the Jefferson Lap Desk.

Made of South American Mahogany, Rosewood and Boxwood.  The Buxton Writing Desk is a simple and elegant form that is an ideal spot to write and read.   It is finished with linseed oil, shellac and paste wax.

Dimensions: 33 3/8" W x 20 5/8" D x 29 1/4" T

Price: $4,210

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