Ascutney bookshelf in Walnut

Ascutney Bookshelf in Walnut

Ascutney bookshelf molding Ascutney Bookshelf Backs

Pete E. Michelinie Fine Furniture
of South Pomfret

The top and sides of this case were made from one wide and beautifully dark pieces of walnut.  The edge is molded with a double cove molding and the detail is transferred to the base with a stopped chamfer on the outside corners.

The top two shelves are adjustable using brass pins.  The shelves are notched to accept the pins so that they can’t slide forward.  The back is made from a collection of different walnut boards that vary in color.

The case terminates to the floor with a cove cut skirt molding.  This detail is an exciting one for me to make, cutting out this shape by running the board sideways across the table saw.

The Ascutney Bookshelf is made of Black Walnut. It is named after the mountain I see out of the shop window.  The client lives in that direction and it was a nice reminder where the piece was going to live as I worked on it.  It is finished with boiled linseed oil, multiple coats of varnish and paste wax.

Dimensions: 54" W x 42" T x 14 1/4 " D

Price: $4,820

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