Last-Minute Furniture Gifts to Give (or Receive!)

With the holidays quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to choose a gift that freshens up any space whether it be a big or small addition to your home. Adding new home decor accessories such as a lamp, mirror, or something more grand like a cabinet or bookcase will make all the difference to the home. We’ve compiled some of our favorites below from our members, all of which are currently available now! Happy holidays from the Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers family! 

This Mahogany Tea Tray from member Pete E. Michelinie. The handles on each end are shaped round where you grab, and transition to a flat at the double roman ogee. Along the long edge that shape assumes a slight concavity the whole way down to the other handle. It makes a wonderful gift for the tea or coffee lover, perfect for when entertaining at home happens again!

A gift that is sure to be used for years to come, this curly cherry & curly maple Rocking Chair from member Bob Gasperetti makes the perfect gift for new parents, the newly retired or just about anyone. Drape it with a colorful blanket or add a small pillow to make it even more unique in the home!

A truly unique gift for the art lover, known as the Biomorph – a sculptural modern side table in pedestal style, made by longtime member David Hurwitz. The entire surface of the carving features a dynamic texture of hand carved tool marks. The wood is a slice of the end of a petrified log, and features the rings of the tree, internal crystals, and mottled colors of agate in portions of the fossilized wood.  It looks great in any entryway or foyer, especially when used to display a vase, sculpture, or flower arrangement.

Seating is the way to go and will make a truly memorable gift! Lucy’s Loveseat from member Charles Shakleton , shown here in cherry wood with velvet upholstery can be completely customized to your design preferences.

On sale, the Cloud Cabinet made by member Chris Ericson combines both art and function while playing with light and shadow. This display cabinet plays with an “Obscured by Clouds” idea and light and shadow. Light on one face cast cloud shadows or glows on the opposing face. It’s sure to surprise the receiver and be a forever conversation starter in the home!

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