Cloud Cabinet

This display cabinet plays with an "Obscured by Clouds" idea and light and shadow. Light on one face will cast cloud shadows or glows on an opposing face.  The hand planed cherry has a shimmer of its ... Read more


Nanashi Cabinet

This cabinet was a real pleasure to build!  I made it for a show and could do whatever I wanted, so I re-explored some themes that excited me in the past.  I had some wonderful walnut from a friend's childhood ... Read more

Ottoman Recipe Box

Ottoman Recipe Box

The entire box is adorned with a Turkish Ottoman carving pattern.  The hand cut relief carving covers even the bottom of the box. The underside of the top of this box has a small plinth attached.  This is a recipe ... Read more

Rumney Chair

Rumney Chair

The side and front rails of the chair are flush to the outside of the legs.  An filleted ovolo molding softens the corners and intersects nicely.  The slip seat is upholstered traditionally using horsehair, muslin, ... Read more

Square Rumney Table

Rumney Tables

The tops of the square tables are made of three boards; one 18" wide flanked by two 11" wide.  The long tables consist of two massive 20" wide boards each.  The grain has been painstakingly aligned.  Much of the work ... Read more