Halloran End Table

The top is inlaid with shop-made cross banding. The cross banding inlay is split and bent to match the curve of the table top. A matching leg cuff inlay is applied to visually round out the table. The top edge is ... Read more

Halloran Sofa Table

The top is adorned with a border of inlaid Birdseye Maple banding.  The feet are also inlaid with cuffs just above the floor. The banding is made in house and the possible variations are limitless. The front edge of ... Read more

Jane’s Bed

Jane's Bed was designed to be a simple and clean design with a few practical details. One of them is the tilted headboard, which acts more as a back rest when sitting up in bed reading. It tilt gives opportunity for the ... Read more

Henderson Sideboard

The accents on the Henderson Sideboard are all made from a walnut tree downed in the 80's in Thetford, VT. Physical joinery is on display with the sliding dovetail joining the drawer dividers to the uprights. Inside ... Read more

Sheraton Dining Table

Table has four drop down legs tucked under the beaded skirt to support the extended version with 1-3 leafs. It is easy to get around in a small dining area with an easy presence and stable ... Read more